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It’s all about that fuzz!

Your body has lots of connective tissue called fascia. These fascial layers wrap around every muscle, muscle fiber, organ, nerve, blood vessel, etc – it’s a continuous sheath that encapsulates everything in the body (think on that just a moment).  Our fascia can act kind of like plastic wrap; it gets “tangled” and “sticks together” creating adhesions that can run both superficial and deep throughout the body. 

What’s the first thing a dog or cat does when it wakes up from a nice long nap? It stretches! This video demonstrates the importance of stretching and staying active throughout our life. 

Dr. Gil Hedley, who considers himself an eternal student of life, has been educating others on the internal areas and workings of the body for more than 20 years.

Disclaimer: This short video (~5 min.) does include images of human cadavers.