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Yoga Nidra

You can think of Yoga Nidra as an awesome “power nap”. This guided meditation is a conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. 

The idea of meditation can be unappealing for those who find the traditional sitting position uncomfortable or unavailable for their bodies, or if they just feel “bored” when they meditate, which results in an infrequent or non-existent practice. Yoga Nidra addresses these issues in a unique way. All that is required is that you be comfortable and fully able to disengage from the distractions of life. If you can lay down or sit comfortably in a quiet space and close your eyes, you can do Yoga Nidra!

The more regularly you participate in Yoga Nidra, the more quickly you’ll find yourself dropping into that mindful-meditative state. You will also find yourself looking forward to the quiet time that you have dedicated to your self-healing and well-being. In general, you will sleep better, feel more energized throughout your day, and deal with the stresses of life more easily with a daily practice, even if it’s just a short 20 minutes.

Many yoga studios offer Yoga Nidra as a stand-alone class or as a meditative ending to another class. There are plenty of offerings on-line also, ranging widely in length and meditative focus. Finding a Yoga Nidra class and instructor that resonate with you is key, regardless of the medium you choose.

Lizzy Hill is a yoga teacher and soul coach based in the UK. She will be your guide for the 20 minute meditation offered here. Enjoy!

Click here for a 20 minute guided meditation.