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By creating negative pressure through suction, this therapy softens tight muscles, loosens adhesions and much more!

Time/Amount: times vary

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Massage Cupping™ is a wonderful way to gently address both superficial and deep restrictions in the body that keeps you from feeling your best.  This amazing therapy is easily incorporated into your regular massage session, and the best part is that it can be included at no additional cost!  Traditional massage and cupping therapy work together to create a winning combination that you will feel immediately.  When you arrive for your appointment, simply let your therapist know that you wish to include cupping as part of your Treatment Session!

As with most anything, consistency produces the best results, and cupping therapy is definitely a cumulative treatment.  Generally, a series of more frequent treatments is suggested when first beginning therapy.  Once you have achieved the desired improvements, you may choose to include cupping as part of your regular massage sessions or simply add it to sessions on an as needed basis.

What is Cupping Therapy?

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