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Massage Therapy

Relax, unwind, and feel better!

Time/Amount: 60min - 120min

Price: $95 - $180


1 hour – $95          1.5 hour – $140          2 hour – $180

A minimum treatment session of 1.5 hour is strongly encouraged for therapeutic massage.


De-stress and unwind with a full-body Swedish style massage.  Light to medium pressure is used unless a deeper pressure is requested. This massage will deeply relax and transport you to a tranquil state of zen.


Deep tissue, trigger point, myotherapy and myofascial massage techniques, as well as cupping therapy, may be used to help you find relief from the pain caused by chronic muscle tension, tightness, injury, etc.  Generally deep pressure is used, but will be adjusted to accommodate your comfort level and therapeutic needs.  A minimum 1.5 hour treatment session is strongly encouraged for therapeutic massage.  Relaxation massage techniques will be added to create a customized treatment for your mind, body, spirit.


Escape to the islands!  Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is best known for its long, flowing, dance-like strokes that run the full length of your body in a continuous motion, as well as the liberal use of warm coconut oil.  The therapist’s forearms are frequently used in an effort to mimic the ebb and flow of the ocean waves.  The long wave-like strokes and full body connectivity are believed to promote harmony and balance in your body.    Spa draping is used to allow more than one part of your body to be massaged at any given time, which does require that you be fully disrobed.


One has to experience lymphatic massage to truly appreciate its amazing therapeutic value!  Approximately 70% of our lymph system resides and flows just below the surface of the skin but above the muscle tissue.  Because the majority of this system’s circulation is superficial, this modality consists of a very light touch (think of the weight of a nickel).  The slow, methodical surface-tension type touch is very relaxing and incredibly therapeutic, as it encourages the lymphatic flow and elimination of toxins and excess water.  Rest and water following a treatment are essential to the effectiveness of this technique.


Enjoy a series of compressions and gentle, yoga-like stretches with this fully clothed modality of massage.  A wonderfully therapeutic modality, this style of bodywork is done on a comfortable floor-mat rather than a massage table and is intended to open the joints, reduce muscle stiffness, and improve the flow of energy.  Surprisingly relaxing, you will leave feeling more limber and at ease with your body than when you arrived.  (Limited offerings – inquire if interested)


Hot/cold stones, aromatherapy, and hot towels are complimentary upgrades.  But if you would you like to add a little something extra special to your massage session, just click HERE to view the possibilities.