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Small Group Classes

Let’s have some planking fun!

Time/Amount: 50min



Foundational Pilates movements meant to establish a strong core, spinal flexibility, and full body lengthening will be the basis of each class. Fundamental elements that are important in our everyday life, such as stability, coordination, balance, and stretching, will also be incorporated. You’ll be offered the opportunity to challenge yourself while being strongly encouraged to listen to the needs and limits of your body. While the class is Reformer based, other equipment such as the Pilates chair, tower, mat, barre, and props will also be used to add variety and challenge.  We’ll definitely have some “planking” fun in this class!


Are you ready for a fun, high energy, sweat and tremble producing workout?  Pumped is a fusion class of traditional Pilates exercises to work the small, stabilizing muscle groups using slow, controlled movement combined with a variety of non-Pilates exercises to work those larger muscle groups and the get the heart pumping.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Barre, Bosu, Reformer jump-board, and more are all possible variations that might show up in this class.  Come prepared to hate me a little and love me a lot!  Don’t forget your water bottle!  Let’s kick some booty!


This class is designed to minimize certain challenges that might make other classes less accessible for you. Although the focus of this class is the same as the Reformer class, modifications for possible physical limitations, as well as supportive props, will be the standard norm. The mat conversion feature of the reformer means you will have the option to do mat work on an elevated surface rather than the floor. You will be encouraged to challenge yourself in a way that honors your body while gently pushing your limitations. The goal is to celebrate and elevate your mobility while meeting you where you’re at. There’s always a silver lining for those willing to chase it!

Note Bene:

  • Classes are limited to 5 participants.
  • Non-skid socks are required for certain classes.