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Seasonal Delight

These treatments are meant to delight the senses and pamper the skin – with a seasonal twist!

Time/Amount: 75min

Price: $110

Seasonal Delight

Our seasonal spa treatments are designed to provide a little something extra special for your skin’s seasonal needs.  Be sure to check out each season’s unique delight!


Winter Special (Jan-Mar)

Has the winter weather caused your skin to feel dry and tight?  Then this Essential Oil Hydrating Wrap will be a delight to your parched skin.  The treatment begins with a gentle dry exfoliation, which removes dead skin cells and encourages lymphatic flow.  Then a nutrient rich massage oil with your choice of essential oils will be applied to the entire body.  You will be cocooned in a blanket to seal in the warmth, and as the wrap does its work, a delicious head and foot massage will add to your sense of well-being and relaxation.  Once the wrap is removed using warm towels, a luscious body butter will be applied to complete this fabulous treatment!

Essential Oil Combination Suggestions:

  • Blend #1 
    • Lavender (restorative & relaxing)
    • Chamomile (calming)
    • Frankincense (soothing to dry skin)
    • In addition to being good for dry skin, the oils in this blend have sedative qualities and promote a sense of deep relaxation.
  • Blend #2 
    • Lemon (detoxing & uplifting)
    • Rosemary (mild analgesic)
    • Peppermint (stimulating)
    • The oils in this blend all have qualities that encourage an uplift in one’s spirit and mood. They can also aid in relieving muscular aches and pains.  You may find this blend to be somewhat more stimulating to the system rather than deeply relaxing.
  • Blend #3 
    • Vetiver (grounding & earthy)
    • Patchouli (relaxing & good for mood swings)
    • Mandarin (detoxing & soothing)
    • This blend is great for grounding and centering.  These oils also contain sedative qualities and are known for being calming to the nervous system.